Built for Back to School

Clothing and footwear

  • Black School Shoes

  • White School Shoes 

  • Uniform(Two to three sets for replacement)

  • Sport Uniform(One to two sets for replacement)

  • Cardigan

  • Bottom white shirt / underwear / bottom skirt (Three to four pcs for replacement)

  • White socks

  • Handkerchief / masks

  • Paper towels and wet wipes


Lunch Appliances

  • Placemats (For lunch use, you can buy a bigger size)

  • Food box(Easy to open)

  • Spoon and fork (Not recommended to use chopsticks, because food is easy to lose)

  • Rice pot (If need to bring your own lunch)

  • Rice pot bag(If need to bring your own lunch)

Stationery and daily use items

  • Uniform passport Photos (12 pcs)

  • School bag

  • Tote bag (food storage boxes, water bottles, and art supplies, etc.)

  • Pencil bag/ pencil cases

  • Rain gear (Umbrella, raincoat: need to consider if it can cover the school bag or not)

  • Warm kettle (For winter use)

  • Kettle/Water Bottle(About 500 to 700 mL)

  • Pens and Correction Tape

  • Eraser (Prepare half a dozen as it is easily lost)

  • Pencil (Two dozen)

  • Round scissors

  • Color Pencil / crayon

  • Long ruler (Two pcs)

  • White glue / glue / paste pen

  • Pastel

  • F4 transparent folder (several more color, subject color-coded storage)

  • Large Hand stir pencil sharpener (Use at home)

  • Small pencil sharpener (7 pencils should be ready every day to avoid distraction from using pencil sharpener)

  • Apron and sleeves for art lessons

  • Homework sets (ie transparent envelope, used to store schoolwork and homework books

  • Plastic book bag

  • Neckband Octopus Card sets (Big enough to put student card in)